About Us

“Innocent until proven guilty” it is these words that allow people to believe that our justice system is in fact just. We believe in these words, this is why we believe that the bail system must be reachable for everyone!

Freejock.com was made to inform the people of their right to bail; that in the event if a person cannot afford to make bail, there are people like us who are here to help through bail bonds. Services that allows a regular Joe to be free to live their daily lives, work, and take care of their children until the day of their hearing. That freedom is not something the rich can monopolize!

We are here to educate people about their rights and their options; to correct the erroneous views of many where they see bail bondsmen as opportunists who are just here to make a quick buck and set criminals free. A negative light that unfortunately some bondsmen decided to embrace.

Not everyone can afford to take time off work! A lot of children depend on one parent or guardian! Taking away the freedom of the accused, detaining them until the time of their hearing, does not reduce the number of criminals, in fact, it may even increase them.

We inform the people of their rights, we educate them about their options, and we connect them to institutions that can help them. Not to keep criminals on our streets, but to enable those who want to change the opportunity to, and to keep the innocent from turning to crime after losing it all.

Our justice system may not be perfect, but that does not mean that we should allow it to go on as such, we remedy the problem through education, information, and helping our fellow man. Through connecting with each other and serving each other.